Sales: +1 347-731-4005
Sales: +1 347-731-4005

About Us

The dream of Mireille and Harry

Our Story

The New York City Canabis Exchange

NYCCE was created and dreamed of by Harry and Mireille.

Our company offers products of the highest quality to give you peace of mind that we have your best interest at heart when choosing our suppliers. We don’t just use any vendor for our products; we pick and sample products and only sell them in our retail location and website if we get positive feedback. We have friends, family, and supporters who volunteer their services and give unbiased feedback. All our CBD products come with and have a certificate of analysis, which shows that the plants used in our products are quality-tested and cruelty-free.


Join us on this journey; we assure you the ride will be NYCCE.

Our Mission

We're dedicated to offering a truly unique experience to customers by infusing world-class service and product knowledge with only premium quality cannabis products.

Our Vision

To deliver ONLY the BEST of EVERYTHING to our customers and cultivate a one-of-a-kind experience for our employees.

Our Team

The people that makes us special

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Harry Boone

CAURD Licensee

Harry spent 15 years in the banking industry before he begun his entreprenuerial journey.

Harry started in the corporate lock box, eventually working his way through various bank positions until, ultimately, due to his mobile disability, he left the workforce in 2005 and opened a barber shop in Brooklyn, NY. Then, in 2019, he became a joint transportation company owner.


Harry brings his knowledge of the banking industry and small business entrepreneurship to the team. 


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mireille Souvenir

Mireille has spent 10 years in the Accounting and Business industry.

A graduate from Queens College with a bachelor’s in accounting, she has spent the last 7 years in public accounting and has a successful Accounting and Tax preparation company.


Mireille brings her knowledge of business and accounting to the team to ensure State and City compliance.


General Manager

Karima Reid

Karima comes with over 20 years of managerial experience in retail and customer service

Karima comes with over 20 years of experience as a retail operations manager as well as a hiring and training manager, in both retail and call center customer care, which includes working in the heavily regulated telecommunications industry. Karima brings interpersonal skills to build our WOW experience and a dynamic team experience.


Have any Questions?

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